Sudbury Common Lands Charity &

ancient Water Meadows

Sudbury's renowned water meadows are perhaps the jewel in the town's crown and have been immortalised by the works of Gainsborough and Constable. The meadows are carefully maintained by the Sudbury Common Lands Charity.


Having never been ploughed to grow arable crops or treated with chemical fertilser the meadows, which are dissected by the meandering River Stour, provide a stunning back drop to the town with a rich source of wild flowers, insects, birds and mammals. Cattle continues to graze on the meadows to this day and is often seen wandering freely through the fields and across the waters - making for fabulous photo opportunities.


One of the best ways to enjoy the meadows and the affiliated delights is via the circular 3.5 mile Meadow walk.

The Sudbury Common Lands Charity manages a number of riverside sites and town's historic Common Lands. For more information visit the charities website; 

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