Leisure, Environment and Highways structure

The Leisure, Environment & Highways Committee meets on the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 6.30pm. The committee will not meet in August or December, unless there is urgent business to discuss. The committee has delegated powers for spending, as long as it's within the approved budget. The function of this committee is to oversee the maintenance, management and control of:

  • The Town Hall

  • Public Clocks

  • Bus shelters

  • Allotments

  • The War Memorial

  • The Croft

  • Millacre (inc the Boating Pond)

  • The Cemetery

  • Closed churchyards

  • Public conveniences

  • Christmas lighting (inc the Christmas Tree)

  • Public open spaces

  • Publicity, entertainment and information

  • Sporting and social events

  • Proposing budgets.


Councillors: Mr J Owen (Chairman), Mrs S Ayres, Mr L Cresswell, Mr O Forder, Mr S Hall, Mrs J Osborne, Mr J Sayers and Mr D Williams.

The Mayor - Ex-officio

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