About The Competition


Calling all young budding artists of Sudbury & Great Cornard!

This year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the schools competition has unfortunately been cancelled. But never fear as the Community Warden Team are running a one off community children's competition!


The competition is called Draw The Wardens, and it's in recognition of Sudbury Community Wardens' invaluable contribution to our Town's response to the COVID-19 crisis. Providing vital support for the most vulnerable members of our community and working with our Town Centre Manager to ensure our local businesses have been and continue to be supported through and beyond this crisis.


Taking part

Find Inspiration - head over the our Community Warden's Facebook or Twitter pages to see how they've been supporting our community during the COVID-19 crisis - pick a scene and warden(s) to inspire your creation.


Use whatever you have to hand to create your masterpiece! Whether it's paint, pencils or putty! Remember, you will need to display your creation in your window or front garden for our team to discover....


display AND LET US KNOW!

Make sure your artwork is displayed in either your front window or front garden then let us know its on show by emailing:


Please also provide:

1. The creator's name & age

2. Address we can view your drawing

3. How we can contact you regarding prize, providing us with the relevant details to get in touch.. 

The information you provide will only be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and will only be collected and used in conjunction with the “Draw A Warden” competition 2020.


Every child that takes part will get a special certificate and a small prize for taking part!


4 artworks will be printed on the community warden team vans, with the creator's name! (2 selected designs on each).


There will also be a cake made of the winning designs.

We look forward to seeing your artworks on display!. On the week beginning 22nd June the wardens will be dropping prizes off and looking out for our winning designs!

Thank you to the following for support with this competition: Lynsey Powell & team - Waitrose & Partners, Nicola Whitehart & team - Tesco, Zoe O'Mahoney & team - Sainsbury's, Chrissy Keeble - Autoinnovations and Chris Weston - Weston's Bakery.

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