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COVID-19 secure Measures in Sudbury

As the nation enters the next phase of the Government’s COVID-19 ‘roadmap to recovery’, a number of temporary measures are being implemented in Sudbury as we try out our 'new normal' and welcome you back safely to Sudbury.  Many local businesses are still offering online services including takeaway delivery and online shopping, so you can still support local from home, take a look at Sudbury's Virtual High Street for more. 

COVID-19: Safer Public Places

In consultation with local businesses and with an open invitation for your feedback, the temporary measures put in place in Sudbury have been created in light of the need for social distancing. These interventions focus primarily on areas with the highest footfall in town. It is well evidenced that outdoor spaces and those that are well ventilated are safer, this has underpinned our decision to create more pedestrian priority areas, extend our outdoor market provision, offer free outdoor 'click & collect' spaces to local businesses and enabling hospitality businesses to set up outdoor eating and drinking areas.

Our temporary interventions have been made in accordance with HM Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19): Safer Public Places guidance.

FREE TOWN CENTRE parking in Sudbury

Whilst some kerbside and on street parking will be temporarily suspended in Sudbury to help create safer socially distanced areas for pedestrians, all of the designated (free) town car parks outlined will remain operational. There is ample parking in Sudbury Town Centre, you can also enjoy 3 hours free parking at most of Sudbury's Car Parks, all within short walking distance of Sudbury's shopping and recreational areas. 


We politely request that you consider the needs of disabled drivers / blue badge holders and their greater need for more central parking spaces (especially on King Street and designated bays on North Street) when visiting us.

Available free parking provision in Sudbury with easy access to the Town Centre:

Great Eastern Road Car Park also known as Roys Car Park (268 spaces)  - Free for up to 3 hours. Map and more information

Station Road Car Park, also known as Kingfisher Car Park (297 spaces) - Free for up to 3 hours, 24 to 72 Hour Max Stay. Map and more information

The Station Car Park,  also known as Railway Station Car Park: (140 spaces) - Free for up to 3 hours, 24 to 72 Hour Max Stay. Map and more information

North Street Car Park (199 spaces) - Free for up to 3 hours.  Map and more information

Girling Street Car Park (78 spaces) -  Free for up to 3 hours.  Map and more information

BLUE BADGE HOLDERS: on street parking guidance

Click image below to enlarge or download full guide here

Designated disabled parking bays can be found in each of the car parks above and additionally there are 4 disabled bay spaces on Gainsborough Street (outside David's Cafe) and there are a further 3 bays on North Street (outside Nero). Blue Badge holders are also permitted to park on some yellow lines, please refer to the guidance below for more information.

Blue Badge Parking

1. temporary Market Hill Road Closure and parking suspension

As of 12 June 2020 there is a temporary road closure and full parking suspension order in place on Market Hill to enable social distancing and create more safe pedestrian space in one of the busiest parts of town. Free alternative parking provision, in close reach to all of Sudbury's main shopping and outdoor leisure areas are outlined above. Only Blue Badge holders are permitted to park on double yellow lines within the town centre the area (see link above for Blue Badge Parking details). 1hr short stay kerbside parking is still available along King Street.

Market Days are: Thursday, Friday (temporary additional day) and Saturday

The temporary pedestrianisation of Market Hill objectives:

  • Widened pedestrian access and more outdoor queuing areas to maximise social distancing on Market Hill.

  • Create a safe, pleasant traffic-free, central space that is a pedestrian priority area.

  • To offer outdoor eating and drinking areas for hospitality businesses on Market Hill on non-market days.

mh 12.06 website

2. temporary KERBSIDE parking suspension on north street 

between suffolk road - east street

As of 16 June 2020 there is a temporary kerbside parking suspension order in place on North Street, between Suffolk Road and East Street as indicated below. Alternative parking provision, in close reach to North Street can be found at:

As indicated below, three designated disabled bays (further disabled parking can be found at the car parks above) will be retained with a designated loading area for deliveries only.

Temporary kerbside parking suspension on North Street objectives:

  • Widened pedestrian access and more outdoor queuing areas to maximise social distancing on the narrowest part of the pavement on North Street.

  • Where space allows, to create outdoor seating for cafes and pubs on North Street.

  • To create space for shops to set up outside 'click and collect' stations where space is limited in store.

North Street website

3. Sudbury market - additional market day

thursday, friday and saturday on market hill

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis Sudbury Town Council has run an essential food market with social distancing measures in place in accordance with Government guidelines. This vital provision has given local residents and visitors an option to buy fresh food in a safe outdoor environment.  As of 1st June, full outdoor markets are now permitted to re-open, however, in order to maintain a safe, socially distanced market we have to limit the number of stalls we can accommodate on each market day. So that we can start to welcome back all of our regular traders we have made the decision to temporarily introduce a third market day on Fridays.


As of 12 June 2020, until further notice, Sudbury Market will operate three days a week on Market Hill: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (stalls open: 8am - 4.30pm). Please visit our Market Page for more information on social distancing measures in place,  traders' days and how to get in touch.

Additional (Friday) Market Day, objectives to aid social distancing:

  • To limit stall numbers and help us maintain social distance space for queues at stalls and for passing pedestrians.

  • To maintain space for businesses on Market Hill for outdoor queuing on Market Days. 

  • To give all regular traders the opportunity to come back and trade on Sudbury Market without compromising distancing measures in place.

  • To aid spreading busy market day footfall across more days.

  • To give non-food stalls (highest concentration on Fridays) more space for browsing.

Sudbury Market

walking and cycling in and around sudbury

Walking & Cycling in Sudbury

Sudbury is a beautiful Market Town surrounded by ancient water meadows with some jaw-dropping and accessible walking and cycling routes and trails both to and around the town. During lockdown locals and visitors alike have been hungry to explore all of Sudbury's beautiful water meadows, fascinating walks, cycle routes, town trails and more.

Trails including The Valley Trail, The Gainsborough Trail, Suffolk Threads - Sudbury and The Talbot Trail are excellent ways to take in the natural beauty and heritage of Sudbury whilst also having easy access to our many independent shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs (many are offering takeaway services during COVID-19 restrictions, find them on Sudbury's Virtual High Street.


Those with an appetite for longer walks can start or finish their walks in Sudbury via The Stour Valley Path and The St Edmund WayFor the cyclists, take a look at some of these excellent routes starting / finishing in Sudbury.

Details on Suffolk County Council's safer cycling and walking routes in Suffolk can be found here.


Up to date information on COVID-19 measures, bus and train timetables and staying safe on public transport can be found on the Suffolk on Board website. UK Government advise that people walk, cycle or drive where possible, public transport should be used only if there are no other available alternatives. Please note that from 15 June wearing a face covering is mandatory on all public transport, read more here

chambers advice travel
chambers advice travel

PUBLIC toilets

Sudbury's public toilets have all now been re-opened with regular cleaning in place. Please play your part by keeping your distancing, observing measures in place for all public facilities and by regularly washing your hands. Public toilets in Sudbury can be found on Gaol Lane, Hamilton Road (Bus Station) and in Belle Vue Park.