The Mayor of Sudbury

Councillor Jack Owen

6 Catesby Meadow,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1BD

Ward: South West

County Councillor

01787 374025

07758 673450

The Deputy Mayor of Sudbury

Councillor Simon Barrett

10 Beaconsfield Close,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1JR.

Ward: North

01787 370774

07801 766814


Councillor Jenny Antill

Jackdaws, Newmans Green, Acton,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0AD

Ward: North

Councillor Sue Ayres

3 Weavers Court, Weavers Lane,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1HY

Ward: South West

District Councillor

01787 310219

07484 864266

Councillor Nigel Bennett

101 Queens Road,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1PQ.

Ward: North

Councillor Trevor Cresswell

18 Borehamgate, King Street,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 2EG.

Ward: East

District Councillor

Councillor Oliver Forder

7 Priory Gardens,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 2AF.

Ward: South

01787 242106

07774 188862

Councillor Louise Fowler

C/o Town Hall,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1TL.

Ward: Elm & Hillside

Councillor Steve Hall

16 Girling Street,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1LZ

Ward: South

Councillor Ellen Murphy

20 Windermere Road,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 2QD

Ward: St Leonards

Councillor Adrian Osborne

15 Hares Walk, Waldingfield Rd,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1BL

Ward: South

District Councillor

01787 466096

07341 980568

Councillor Jan Osborne

15 Hares Walk, Waldingfield Rd,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 1BL

Ward: North

District Councillor

01787 466096

07966 458605

Councillor Alison Owen

Hillview, High Street, Acton,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0AP

Ward: East

District Councillor

Councillor John Sayers

151 Bures Road, Gt Cornard,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0JG

Ward: North

01787 319006

07855 619029

Councillor Robert Spivey

52 Friars Street,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 2AG

Ward: North

01787 375099

07802 793769

Councillor Daniel Williams

50 Elm Road,

Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 2SD

Ward: Hawkins Road

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