Ambitions for Sudbury

Sudbury Town Councillors want to hear your views about their 'Ambitions for Sudbury Town Centre', which was adopted by the full Council in July 2018.

Described by John Betjeman as 'Probably the finest urban space in East Anglia', our town centre is a unique and special place which is enjoyed by both local residents and visitors from further afield. Its continued prosperity is important both for the social benefit of the local community and for the economic wellbeing of the town. In common with many other town centres however, its vibrancy is under threat. Increased shopping on the internet, combined with high business rates, have led to shop closures and a potential reduction in footfall.

To ensure that Sudbury Town Centre is fit to face these challenges, the council's 'Ambitions' document sets out a number of ideas aimed at preserving the vitality of the area by ensuring that it remains an attractive place to visit in the years to come.

The plan, which has been prepared with the support of Babergh District Council, is the outcome of several years' work, initially carried out by the Town Steering Group. In recent years the Town Council, led by Councillors Robin Drury and Simon Barrett, has taken on responsibility. 'Ambitions for Sudbury Town Centre'  is a 'living document' which will alter as the viability of the ideas contained within it are scrutinised and tested, but it is hoped that the vision that it expresses will become a reality.


Please take the time to look at the document carefully and let us know what you think. All feedback will be discussed by Councillors, and, where appropriate, incorporated into our plans. 

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We welcome your feedback

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