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Welcome to Sudbury Town Council's website
Welcome to Sudbury Town Council's website

Committee Structure

Sudbury Town Council is made up of six committees which meet regularly to make recommendations to the full council for final ratification or discussion. Some committees have delegated powers.

The Finance Committee meets on the first Tuesday evening of each month, starting at 6.30pm. This committee does have delegated powers. However, if this committee wanted to change a set budget, it would need to seek approval of the full council. The function of this committee is to:

  • Administer best value throughout the council's finances
  • Distribute grant aid up to the amount agreed in the estimates for the particular financial year
  • Monitor income and expenditure on a monthly basis and ensure such expenditure is within the terms of the estimates
  • Authorise all payments (BACS and cheques)
  • Monitor the awarding of all contracts
  • Provide guidance and assistance to the Town Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer (RFO) in the preparation of the annual estimates and budgets
  • Appoint an internal auditor in line with Government legislation

Members -

Councillors: Mr M Cornish, Mrs S Page, Ms L Gregory, Mr J Owen, Mr N Bennett, Mr D Holland, Mr A Osborne, Ms E Murphy


The Mayor (ex-officio)


The Policy and Resources Committee meets at least quarterly on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. This committee is responsible for policy review and development. A council official sits on this committee in an advisory capacity, but they are not entitled to vote.

Members - 

Councillors: Mr M Cornish, Mr J Owen, Mrs S Page, Mrs S Ayres, Mr D Holland, Mr S Barrett, Mr N Irwin & Ms E Murphy.

The Mayor (ex-officio)

Officer*: Mrs J A Howells – Town Clerk

*The Officer on this committee is only an advisory capacity. They are not entitled to vote.

The Planning and Development Committee meets every other Monday, starting at 6.30pm. This committee considers all planning applications for Sudbury. It also advises the council on new development proposals and the Local Plan. Due to the time scales of replying to Babergh District Council with decisions, the Planning and Development Committee have delegated powers. Any comments from the full council meeting would still be advised to Babergh District Council. A working forum to discuss the Town Plan Development and the Local Plan would report to the Planning and Development Committee, which would then report to full council.

Membership -

Councillors:  Mr S Clarke, Mr L Cresswell, Miss J Connah, Mr A Osborne, Mrs J Osborne, Mr J Sayers, Ms E Murphy, Mr N Bennett

The Mayor (ex-officio)



The Leisure & Environment Committee meets on the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 6.30pm. The committee will not meet in August or December, unless there is urgent business to discuss. The committee has delegated powers for spending, as long as it's within the approved budget. The function of this committee is to oversee the maintenance, management and control of:

  • The town hall
  • Public clocks
  • Bus shelters
  • Allotments
  • The war memorial
  • The Croft
  • Mill Acre
  • The cemetery
  • Closed churchyards
  • Public conveniences
  • Christmas lighting
  • Public open spaces
  • Publicity, entertainment and information
  • Sporting and social activities
  • Proposing budgets

Members -

Councillors:  Ms L Gregory, Mr J Owen, Mrs S Page, Mrs J Osborne, Mr A Osborne, Mr J Sayers, Mr N Irwin

The Mayor (ex-officio)


The Human Resources Committee meet on a Tuesday evening in February, then as and when necessary. This committee deals with all staff matters and National Standards Boards documentation. A member of the Human Resources Committee is permitted to sit in on any job interviews for new senior staff.

Members -

Mr S Clarke, Miss J Connah, Mr M Cornish, Mr S Barrett, Mrs J Osborne

The Mayor (ex-officio)



General Notes

Task Groups and Working Forums:

  • The Task Groups/Working Forums will report to the committee they originate from
  • Task Groups/Working Forums DO NOT have to be exclusively councillors. They can include representatives from outside bodies
  • Task Groups/Working Forums can meet as and when necessary

Other Notes
Except where ordered by the Council in the case of a Committee or by the Council or by the appropriate Committee, the quorum of a Committee shall be one half of its members, rounded up if its composition is an odd number i.e. Committee Members 5 - quorum 3.

The Press and Public are entitled to attend all Committees, Council Meetings, Task Groups and Working Forums, unless the sole matter being discussed is "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL" i.e. staff matters.

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